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Coronavirus (COVID-19): services, facilities and guidance

Maintaining records of visitors to support NHS Test and Trace Service – National and Local

Where customers and visitors come into close contact with other people outside of their household there is potentially a higher risk of transmitting Covid-19. The NHS Test and Trace service has been set up, which: 

• Helps trace close recent contacts of anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 and, if necessary, notifies them that they must self-isolate at home to help stop the spread of the virus; and

• Ensures that anyone who develops symptoms of Covid-19 can be tested to find out if they have the virus.

For further information please visit - https://www.gov.uk/guidance/nhs-test-and-trace-how-it-works

As a result of the pandemic the council will be implementing an ‘advanced booking only’ service to manage the number of people on its premises. As part of the booking system we are encouraging visitors to share their details in order to support this NHS Test and Trace Service. Please note that this is voluntary and you are not obligated to do so. Where you do agree to share your details this information will only be used where necessary to help stop the spread of Covid-19. 

Following the launch of the new Covid-19 app, customers and visitors in will now be able to check-in on entry to the council offices with their smart phone. The council has displayed the QR code in the reception area. Reception will ask you if you would like to scan the QR code to check-in. If you do not have access to a smart phone or the app then the council will request contact information when the advanced booking is made and enter the details on the visitor log. If not collected in advance, we will collect this information when the visitor enters the premises. 

For further information on the Covid-19 App please visit - https://covid19.nhs.uk/

The purpose of maintaining records

By maintaining records of visitors and sharing these with NHS Test and Trace where requested this will:

• allow those who may have been exposed to the virus to be identified; and

• to maintain a safe working environment.

In addition to maintaining and sharing records where requested, we will also continue to follow other government guidance to minimise the transmission of Covid-19. This includes following social distancing guidelines, providing hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes in all of our offices.

Please wear a suitable face covering when visiting our offices.

We will collect the following information from customers and visitors where possible to support the NHS test and trace service:

• the name of the customer or visitor. If there is more than one person, we will record the name of the ‘lead member’ of the group and the number of people in the group;

• a contact phone number for each customer or visitor, or for the lead member of a group of people;

• date of visit, arrival time and, where possible, departure

• if a customer interacts with only one member of staff the name of the assigned staff member will be recorded alongside the name of the customer.

We will not collect any further additional data for this purpose.

The accuracy of the information provided will be the responsibility of the individual who provides it. We are not required to verify an individual’s identity for NHS Test and Trace purposes.


We are only required to hold records obtained outside of the QR code for 21 days. This reflects the incubation period for Covid-19 (which can be up to 14 days) and an additional 7 days to allow time for testing and tracing. We will only share information with NHS Test and Trace if it is specifically requested by them.


We will delete any obtained outside of the QR code for track and trace purposes after 21 days.

Information gathered via the QR code is not held by the council.

Records which are made and kept for other business purposes will not be disposed of after 21 days. Such information will not be kept for longer than necessary and will be maintained in line with the General Data Protection Regulation.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR allows us to request contact information from customers and visitors and share it with NHS Test and Trace to help minimise the transmission of Covid-19 and support public health and safety. 

Personal data collected for the purpose of NHS Test and Trace will be handled in accordance with GDPR to protect the privacy of our customers and visitors.

Where we already collect this information for ordinary business purposes your contact information may now also be shared with NHS Test and Trace.

Your right to exercise your data protection rights will not be affected. 

For further information on when information should be shared with NHS Test and Trace and how the NHS Test and Trace take steps to minimise transmission please visit - https://www.gov.uk/guidance/maintaining-records-of-staff-customers-and-visitors-to-support-nhs-test-and-trace

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