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Cycling in Wellingborough

Image of a man on a bike

Cycling is an ideal method of travel; it produces almost no pollution, makes little demand on space, is widely available to young and old and enhances personal fitness and health.

Wellingborough town is a compact settlement with the built up area being within a 2 mile radius of the town centre. There is therefore plenty of scope to increase cycling. It is considered that the lack of cycling has been due to the convenience and availability of the car and the lack of safe cycling facilities on our modem highways.

In 1998 the Borough Council of Wellingborough adopted a Cycling Strategy which aimed to GET WELLINGBOROUGH CYCLING and highlighted what the Council intended to do to make this happen. As part of the Cycling Strategy, a "Master Plan" was jointly prepared for the town of Wellingborough by the Borough Council and Northamptonshire County Council. It sought to link housing areas, employment areas, shops, schools, open space, public transport interchanges and the town centre, and was included within the Borough of Wellingborough Local Plan adopted in 1999.

The Cycle Pathways Map shows the extent of Wellingborough's network, which has become an exemplar of best practice within the County, and won a Silver National Green Apple Environment Award in 2004.

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