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Where does my waste go?

What happens to my recycling and rubbish?

Recycling materials - green bin

The recycling materials from your green bin are taken to a MRF (Materials Recycling Facility) where they are sorted. This is done partly by machinery and partly by hand. Once separated, the materials are then baled before they are sent on to various locations for recycling.  

Garden waste - brown bin

The garden waste from your brown bin is taken to a local facility, where it is heaped in piles/rows. This method of composting is called 'open windrows'. The piles are moved and turned to improve air circulation and help the composting process.

Household waste - black bin

This material is taken to a facility for processing to make it safer for disposal

Please do your bit by REDUCING, RE-USING and RECYCLING as much of your waste as you possibly can.