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In memory of The Duke of Edinburgh

North Northamptonshire Council joins the nation in mourning the death of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

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Additional Bins

Can I have another bin?

All households in the Borough are provided with three bins...

  • One black bin for general household waste
  • One green bin for recycling
  • One brown bin for garden waste

These three bins should provide adequate capacity for an average household, providing the waste is separated properly.

Large families

Additional capacity may be provided for large families. Each case will be assessed on an individual basis and a waste audit may be carried out. If additional capacity is provided it will be subject to annual review and may be removed at any point if abused or the property is no longer eligible. To request additional capacity, please complete the form which is available to complete online, or you can download a form and return it to Wellingborough Norse.

What can I do with extra recycling?

Please flatten boxes and squash cans etc, so they take up less room and you can make more use of the space within your bin. If you are already doing this and still have too much recycling for your bin, then you can put extra out for collection in cardboard boxes or plastic bags. Please do not use black sacks as both our crews and the recycling facility need to see it is actually recycling. Waste contained in black sacks will not be collected or recycled.

What can I do with extra garden waste?

  • Compost at home.
  • Take it to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre
  • Put it in your brown bin after it has been emptied, ready for your next collection.