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Bring Banks

Recycling Sites

There are a number of bring bank sites where residents can take their glass and textiles for recycling - please note these are not under the control of the council - details of who to contact can be found on the bins:

  • Earls Barton Co-Op, 12 High Street, Earls Barton NN6 0JJ (Glass bottles & jars, Textiles).
  • Finedon Recreation Ground, Wellingborough Road, Finedon NN9 5JJ (Glass bottles & jars, Shoes).
  • Wellingborough High Street Car Park, Jacksons Lane NN8 4LD (Glass bottles & jars, Textiles).
  • Wellingborough Morrisons, Sharman Road NN8 4JJ (Glass bottles & jars, Textiles, Shoes).
  • Wellingborough Tesco Express, Grafton Close NN8 5WA (Glass bottles & jars).
  • Wellingborough Tesco Victoria Park, Turnells Mill Lane NN8 2EF (Glass bottles & jars, Textiles, Shoes)


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