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Clinical waste

Clinical waste is deemed as such by the Controlled Waste Regulations 2012 or by a medical professional. This waste may be hazardous to any person in contact with it and therefore must be collected and disposed of appropriately.

Sanitary, nappies and incontinence wastes are described as 'offensive waste' and are not considered to be hazardous. Offensive wastes should be tripple wrapped and placed in your general waste bin for collection. If you are producing a lot of offensive waste that will not fit into your bin, please contact us for further advice.

Household clinical waste

If the health authority is undertaking treatment of patients in the home, the health authority must ensure the necessary arrangements are in place for the collection and disposal of this waste themselves.

If a resident is self administering their treatment in their own home a collection can be arranged. A referral from the Health Care Authority will be required to ensure that we have information about the types of waste and potential hazards to enable the collections to be made safely.

Commercial clinical waste

Businesses producing clinical wastes will need to arrange a commercial clinical waste collection. Charges will be made to cover the cost of special collection and disposal arrangements.