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Townscape Heritage Initiative

Simba's Trail

Swan brass rubbing

Welcome to Simba's trail.  You can download the route map or pick up a leaflet from the Wellingborough Museum.  Enjoy a trip around the town and find hidden characters from Wellingborough's past!

Who to look out for on Simba's Trail:

  1. Cow and Moon - This represents the Cattle Market that used to be in the town. The pair can also be seen on the old weather vane above the old Cattle Market buildings.
  2. Old Drummer boy - He symbolises all the great brass and silver bands that used to play in the town. He can be found at one of the two old bandstands, still playing events.
  3. John Askham - Located in his final resting place. John Askham was a well known Wellingborough poet who would write about life in the Borough.
  4. Swan - Wellingborough was once a great spa town because of all the wells and springs in the town. This attracted a lot of swans to the area and Swanspool Brook is so named for this reason.
  5. Monk - There is a building known as Croyland Abbey in the centre of town. The building and much of the towns land was owned by the Abbot of Crowland (Croyland) in Lincolnshire and he had the Abbey built.
  6. Simba the Lion - Simba was a real lion that lived at the Wellingborough Zoo Park in the mid 20th Century. He was a loved pet by the owner of the zoo and was known to eat picnics with the family and even visit the local pub!
  7. The Tithe Wheat - During the years when the Monks of Croyland owned the lands, the Tithe barn was built. This was where the tithe (10% of the local farmers crop) was collected and stored as a tax paid to the Abbey.
  8. Book Worm - There is an old building in the town which housed one of the first free public libraries. Can you find it.
  9. Hannah Sparke - Hannah became famous for her heroic act during the great fire of Wellingborough in 1783, by "ordering her cellars be emptied of all the malt liquor, and used for the purposes of stopping the ravages of the devouring elements." She was in her early 60's at the time and went on to live until she was almost 107! She died in 1785 being remembered as much for her long life as her efforts during the fire.
  10. The Swimmer - The swimmer is recognisable round the town as the emblem of Dulley's Baths. It was once opened to the public, but now has other stories to tell.

If you find them all, visit the Wellingborough Museum and pick up your free Simba badge and certificate!

Town heritage Trail quiz

If you want to try something a little more challenging on your wonder around the town, try the Heritage Trail Quiz. Use your powers of observation to discover the treasures of Wellingborough's past.