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Wider Growth

North Wellingborough

Wellingborough North (known as Glenvale Park) is a major urban extension to Wellingborough. Outline permission was granted on 23 February 2010 (WP/2008/0150/OEIA) for 3,000 new dwellings and associated facilities, infrastructure and open space. Subsequently, an application was submitted to extend the time limit for the implementation of the outline permission and this was granted on 14 January 2013 (WP/2012/0525/XEIA). 

The Development

The proposed mixed-use scheme comprises:

  1. Approximately 3265 residential units
  2. A C2 Residential Care Home
  3. Employment areas containing office, light industrial, industrial and warehousing.
  4. A neighbourhood centre with small supermarket, gym, public houses, and other shops.
  5. Pre-schools and multi-use community centres.
  6. Two primary schools
  7. Two mixed-use local centres.
  8. Construction of access roads off Niort Way cycle/footways
  9. Reserve land for the Isham to Wellingborough Improvement Road (IWIMP)
  10. Country Park, multi-use games area, local equipped areas of play.
  11. Sustainable Drainage Systems.

Details of all past and present planning applications for the site are available to view on the councils website. We have also created a table listing all the relevant applications which is at the bottom of this page.

In addition to the planning consents and planning obligations, development of the site is guided by a number of approved parameter plans and documents listed below:

This page will be kept updated with any key plans approved in the future.

The below table lists all applications currently approved on this site, for details of these applications follow the links in the table.

Application Number and Location Description
WP/2008/0150/OEIA Outline Planning Permission for 3000 new dwellings, associated facilities, infrastructure and open space.
WP/2012/0525/XEIA Application to extend the time limit for implementing the outline planning permission.
WP/16/00271/VAR Revisions to approved masterplan including s106 agreement.
WP/16/00681/REM Parcel R3 (Public House/Restaurant)
WP/19/00137/REM Parcels R1 and R2 (199 Dwellings)
WP/20/00165/REM Parcel R2 (49 Dwellings)
WP/17/00377/REM Parcel R4a (66 Bedroom Care Home for Older Persons)
WP/19/00630/REM Parcels 1a and 1b (3 Proposed Substations)
WP/18/00188/REM Phase 1b (Infrastructure, two new accesses off Niort Way, SUDS and Public Open Space)
WP/19/00706/REM Phase 1c (Infrastructure, SUDS and Public Open Space)
WP/19/00758/REM Phase 1d (Infrastructure, SUDS and Public Open Space)
WP/20/00503/REM Temporary in and out construction access off A509 Kettering Road.
WP/19/00380/REM Parcels R5 and R6 (261 Dwellings)
WP/17/00525/REM Parcel R4b (40 Dwellings)
WP/20/00099/REM Primary School, Pre-school Nursery, Community Centre, MUGA and LEAP.
WP/20/00100/REM Local Centre
WP/20/00377/REM Parcels R8a and R8b (238 Dwellings)
WP/20/00793/REM Parcel R10a (148 Dwellings)