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High Street Regeneration Area

High Street Regeneration

The High Street development site is part of the first phase of Wellingborough's Regeneration, providing a mixed use development comprising of residential, office and small retail properties.

Predominantly a Council owned surface car park, the Council produced a Supplementary Planning Document http://www.wellingborough.gov.uk/site/scripts/download_info.php?downloadID=621

(approved in July 2006) which provides a Vision for this site.

Growth Area Funding and investment by the Borough Council provided an opportunity to construct essential infrastructure into the south of the site and to provide a formalised access road to the rear of the properties on West Street .

The Council is currently working with Drivers Jonas Deloitte to appoint a developer for the site.  

 High Street Development

Before picture of High Street Development.





After picture of High Street development.








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