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Townscape Heritage Initiative

Critical Buildings Project

The Wellingborough Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) is working with owners of local historic buildings to help carry out much needed repair and restoration work. Several properties within the town centre conservation area have been individually recognised as critical or priority buildings that would benefit from the THI fund.  Here are two of our most recent schemes:

Hind Hotel

Image of The Hind HotelThe Hind Hotel is an important icon for Wellingborough and the THI is pleased to be able to support the new owner in sustaining this lovely building for future generations.  

The Hind Inn was built in 1645, designed by Wellingborough architect William Batley.  It is believed that Oliver Cromwell's army, lead by General Fairfax, rested at the Inn before marching on to the Battle of Naseby. 

Church Hall & Priory cottageBlank and white photo of All Hallow's Church Hall when it was a Grammar School

We are excited to be working with the Diocese of Peterborough  with the restoration project of  All Hallows Church Hall and Priory cottage. Work will take place through September and October 2015.

The Church Hall was built almost 400 years ago as a Grammar School and Lower Free School.  The adjoining cottages are thought to have been accommodation for the attending school boys.

These buildings help us to identify with Wellingborough's past, inviting us to remember the influences that shaped the town. We look forward to celebrating more restoration projects with you over the next two years.

This grant scheme is led by past records and photographic evidence. We are always on the look-out for more photos and stories to help guide us. If you have any old records about our key buildings or the town centre, we would love to hear from you; Heritage@wellingborough.gov.uk