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Use of Parks and Open Spaces for Events in Wellingborough

Use of Parks/Open Spaces for Events


For all requests for the use of park and open space areas for events, whether or not they incorporate licensable activities, the following documents will need to be completed for submission and approval by the Council:

Details of public liability insurance will also need to be provided with your application. For parks/open space bookings, please contact the Events Officer on 01933 231986 or email events@wellingborough.gov.uk in order to discuss your requirements and the availability of the area.

The following guidance notes may also help you to complete your application:

The Licensing Act 2003, has implications for some of the activities that are traditionally held on Council land each year. The Act requires that land or premises must have a License in order to permit certain activities to take place. These include:

  • Dancing
  • Live Music
  • Recorded Music
  • Theatrical Performances
  • Carnivals

The Borough Council has therefore sought to Licence a number of its Parks and Open Spaces to allow the continuation of the type of open space events that have taken place in previous years.

The authority to sell alcohol has not formed part of the application for the sites and should this be required as part of an event, the event organiser will need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice. Further information and application forms can be obtained from the Licensing Office at East Northants Council

The sites for which Premises Licences have been granted are as follows:

  • Wellingborough Town Centre
  • Bassetts Close
  • Eastfield Park
  • Castlefields
  • Croyland Park
  • Dale End Park
  • Guillemot Lane Open Space
  • Glamis Grove
  • The Embankment
  • Croyland Hall Gardens
  • Swanspool Gardens
  • Tithe Barn Green
  • Queensway Park
  • The Castle - External areas

This allows for licensable activities to be conducted between the hours of 9am and 10pm on any day.