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Deregulation Act 2015

The provisions within the Deregulation Act 2015  are designed to protect tenants against unfair eviction where they have raised a legitimate complaint about the condition of their home.

A landlord is not permitted to serve their tenant with a Section 21 notice within 6 months of the service or suspension of a relevant improvement notice.

Nor can a landlord serve a Section 21 notice on a tenant that has made a complaint to the landlord regarding the condition of the property and the landlord has:

  1. failed to provide a response to the complaint within 14 days of receipt;
  2. served a Section 21 notice in reply or;
  3. failed to provide an adequate response.

If the response is inadequate the tenant can ask the council to carry out an inspection of the property. If the council serves an improvement notice or carries out emergency remedial action in response to the tenant's complaint any Section 21 notices already served on the tenant will be deemed ineffective, any proceedings struck out by the Court and a further Section 21 notice cannot be issued by the landlord for 6 months.