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Environmental Health Enforcement Policy

The Council's Environmental Health Service has revised its Enforcement Policy to take into account recent changes in the law and good practice. The Policy applies to the enforcement actions taken in respect of individuals and businesses in of all areas of environmental health including, food hygiene, health and safety, industrial pollution, contaminated land and statutory nuisances.


One of the main reasons for the changes was to comply with the Governments Better Regulation agenda in order to reduce the burden in particular on business which is even more relevant in the current economic situation. The principles that have been given special emphasis are:


  • Regulators should allow and encourage economic progress and only intervene where there is a clear case for protection
  • Regulators should use comprehensive risk assessment to concentrate resources to the areas that need them the most
  • Regulators should provide authoritative advice easily and cheaply
  • No inspection should take place without a reason
  • Businesses should not have to give unnecessary information
  • Businesses that persistently break the law should face meaningful sanctions
  • Regulators should be accountable for the efficiency and effectiveness of their activities


Copies of the full policy can be downloaded or can be requested by emailing or contacting Environmental Health Section on 01933 229777.


Enforcement Policy


Leaflet on Understanding Our Approach to Enforcing the Law