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Community Safety

What is Hate Crime?

Hate crimes are those motivated by prejudice or hostility based on the victim's disability, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation or whether they are transgender.

All hate crime is important.  No hate crime is too minor to report to the police or local council.  Anyone can be the victim of a hate crime. 

Examples of  a hate crime may include things like name calling and verbal abuse, bullying and harassment, spitting and physical attacks, damage to property, graffiti, and written notes, emails and text messages.

Why should you report incidents and crimes?

By reporting an incident gives us the chance to protect you and others from this kind of unacceptable behaviour in our community.

We work closely with the Police and other partners to raise awareness, encourage reporting and try to find methods of preventing such behaviour.

How do you report Hate incident?

To report an incident of hate crime please complete the Hate Crime Report Form and email to communitysafety@wellingborough.gov.uk.

Alternatively, you can report a crime or incident to the Police using the True Vision website http://www.report-it.org.uk/home

Reports are treated in confidence but may need to be shared with partner agencies.

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