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Community Safety

Wellingborough Community Safety Partnership

Working together in the community. Communities, individuals and businesses are all concerned about community safety issues.  In response to this various partners, including the council and the police, work together with local communities to develop a strategy to tackle community safety and anti-social behaviour in the Borough.

What does the Community Safety Partnership set out to do?

The Community Safety Partnership has an annual plan.  The key themes of working to make Wellingborough a safer place to live and work are:

  • Offender Management - aiming to reduce the incidence of domestic abuse and especially repeat victims.  Working to reduce the impact that prolific and priority offenders have in our community.
  • Environment - tackling burglary and vehicle crime (acquisitive crime) and criminal damage, and aiming to reduce anti social behaviour and the perceptions of ASB.
  • Vulnerable Adults and Young People - aiming to reduce the threat of harm and risk of people becoming involved in crime and victims of crime. 
  • Drugs and Alcohol - aiming to reduce the incidence of town centre violence and drug and alcohol issues, and ensure that the town centre is a safe and welcoming environment that local people wish to visit.

The partnership focuses on projects where working together can make a bigger difference than can be achieved by partners working on their own.