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Community Safety

What is Community Safety?

Community Safety is an important issue to many people. We all want to live in a safe and pleasant environment where problems of crime and disorder are understood and are being tackled. The Government requires the Police, local authorities and other agencies to work together to promote Community Safety. In Wellingborough, Community Safety is addressed through the Community Safety Partnership.

The Wellingborough Community Safety Partnership consists of many groups of people who all have an impact on community safety in Wellingborough. This involves representatives from a wide range of groups and organisations. The local partners for Wellingborough include Northamptonshire Police, the Healthcare Trust, the Probation Service, Northamptonshire's Arson Task Force, Northamptonshire County Council, and voluntary organisations

It is vital that community safety work takes into account the needs of local people who live and work in the Borough.

Pubwatch Scheme

Wellingborough Police and Wellingborough Council have joined forces with licensees to set up a Pub Watch scheme which aims to improve the safety of pubs and surroundings for the benefit of licensees and pub-goers. Door supervisors of licensed premises have radios to enable contact between themselves and with the police to reduce the potential for trouble and the system is monitored by the town centre CCTV system.


Last updated 10/03/2020