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BID Ballot September 2019

BID Ballot

The Ballot Holder at Borough Council of Wellingborough received instructions from Wellingborough BID on 23 April 2019 to hold a BID Renewal Ballot under the Business Improvement Districts (England) Regulations 2004. 

Declaration of Result

The result for the BID Ballot was declared on Friday 27 September 2019. The number of votes cast in the ballot was 127 with a combined rateable value of £4,365,100. 
A majority of the business ratepayers in the BID are who voted, voted for the proposal by numbers voting, but against the proposal by aggregated rateable value. The establishment of a Business Improvement District for Wellingborough was, therefore, not approved.

75 of the 127 votes cast (with an aggregated rateable value of £1,296,850) were in favour of the BID.
52 of the 127 votes cast (with an aggregated rateable value of £3,068,250) were not in favour of the BID.
You can view the declaration of result by clicking here.

On receipt of a request for ballot authorisation, the Ballot Holder instructed Electoral Reform Services (ERS) to undertake the BID Ballot on their behalf. BID Ballots are run as an entirely postal ballot. The timetable for the BID Ballot is below:

Notification of Ballot Thursday 15 August 2019
Dispatch of ballot papers Thursday 29 August 2019
Latest date to appoint proxy Monday 16 September 2019
Latest date to cancel proxy Saturday 21 September 2019
Issue of replacement ballot papers Friday 20 September 2019
Close of ballot Thurs 26 September 2019