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Fees and charges

1st April 2021

North Northamptonshire Council

Notice is hereby given that North Northamptonshire Council intends to introduce a new Scheme of Building Regulation Charges and Ancillary Matters which will come into effect on 1 April 2021. The new charges scheme introduces individually determined charges that will apply to building regulations charges and ancillary matters throughout the North Northamptonshire Council area. The full document can be viewed on written request by emailing BuildingControl.BCW@northnorthants.gov.uk.

For a building control quote, please email BuildingControl.BCW@northnorthants.gov.uk with an existing and proposed drawing and details of the proposed work.

Exempt works certification

Applications for registration of exempt buildings and works
Type of works Building control fee
 Registration of an exempt building or works  25.00

Exemptions due to works for the benefit of a disabled person

There is no charge where the application is solely for the benefit of someone with a disability. Please contact us for further information.

When are the charges due?

Full plans charges, building notice charges, regularisation charges, and applications for exempt buildings and works must be paid on application.

Inspection charges will be payable following the first inspection of the works.

How to pay

  • Pay by debit or credit card over the phone by ringing 01933 231908
  • By cheque payable to North Northamptonshire Council
  • It may be possible to pay by instalments. Please contact us to request this.

If you have any queries regarding either of the above, please do not hesitate to give us a call on the Building Control Helpline 01933 231908.