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Dangerous Structures

Building Control has a duty to protect the public and adjacent properties from buildings that are deemed to be dangerous. We have legal powers to investigate, and if necessary the means to enforce the owner to make the building safe. If the structure poses immediate danger then the Council will respond with the utmost urgency. This may involve employing contractors to put up fencing to prevent any harm coming to members of the public.

For a structure to be considered dangerous, it must pose a threat of causing harm to a person, for instance a falling wall or tiles falling from a roof. A building can not be deemed unsafe if it is just dilapidated or run down. All structures which appear to be dangerous need to be reported to Building Control who will respond to the situation accordingly.

Once a report has been made then Building Control will investigate the situation. If it is necessary for Building Control to take action then the next step would generally be to try to make arrangements with the owner of the structure to resolve the situation. However, failing that, Building Control has the option to apply to the Magistrates Court for an order to allow us to make the structure safe. Please note that in doing this course of action the Council will try to recover any costs that we obtain from trying to make the structure safe.