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Types of application

How does the process work?

Before starting work a valid application must be deposited. Application for approval under the Building Regulations can take two forms, either: Full Plans or Building Notice.

Full plans

This is the route most people choose. This method requires the submission of full construction drawings, calculations, details and specification of the intended scheme prior to commencing on site. These will be checked against the Building Regulations to ensure compliance and either you or your agent, if appointed, will be advised of any matters noted as requiring further information or attention.

Once this information has been received and agreed, a formal notice of approval will be issued which remains valid for three years from the date the application was deposited.

By following this route you will be able to provide your builder with a set of approved drawings and provided they are adhered to, and any conditions of approval are complied with, the regulations will be satisfied. Minor variations in construction/design can be agreed as work progresses. Major changes will require amended plans or if substantial may require a new application to be deposited.

Building Notice

The submission of a Building Notice does not normally require the deposit of any plans other than a site location plan in the case of the erection or extension of a building together with a block plan to a minimum scale of 1:1250. In some cases it may be necessary to provide additional information prior to commencement and/or during the construction process to ensure compliance with the regulations. Once the Notice and the relevant charge have been received and agreed, a Building Notice acceptance letter will be sent to you and you are permitted to start work after 48 hours have elapsed. Whilst this method may appear to be advantageous it has disadvantages.

  • You and/or your builder do not have approved plans to work to.
  • Costly remedial work may be necessary if the work carried out does not comply with the Building Regulations.
  • You may find that without plans you and your builder have different ideas in respect of detail and general design issues outside of the Building Regulations which may prove difficult to change.
  • The 'estimate' for the cost of the works may prove inaccurate without the benefit of full design information.

Please Note: There are specific exclusions where a Building Notice cannot be used. These are for building works which are:

  • In connection with a building to which the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies or will apply after the completion of building works
  • Where the proposed work will be built close to, or over a public sewer.