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What do Building Regulations cover? (Including guidance notes)

Even the most straightforward of projects require considerable detail to be provided. Building Regulations are national standards, which apply to all types of buildings from major new developments to an extension to your home.

They cover all aspects of construction, including foundations, damp proofing, the overall stability of the building, insulation, ventilation, heating, fire protection and means of escape in case of fire.

They also ensure that adequate facilities for people with disabilities are provided in certain types of building.

Building Regulations were last updated in 2000. They are divided into 14 parts:
Part A - Structure
Part B - Fire Safety
Part C - Site preparation and resistance to contaminants and
Part D - Toxic substances
Part E - Resistance to the passage of sound
Part F - Ventilation
Part G - Hygiene
Part H - Drainage and waste disposal
Part J - Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems
Part K - Protection from falling, collision and impact
Part L - Conservation of power and fuel
Part M - Access to and use of buildings
Part P - Electrical safety in dwellings

Further information can be found here: http://www.planningportal.co.uk/buildingregulations/approveddocuments/