Borough Council of Wellingborough

Smokefree England

What about vehicles?

Vehicles used as a workplace by more than one person, regardless if they are not in the vehicle at the same time, are required to be smoke free at all times. This is applicable to any vehicle used for work when it is wholly or partly covered by a roof i.e. heavy goods vehicle, delivery van or a farming vehicle. This protects shift and other workers who use the same vehicle from the health risks associated with secondhand smoke, and provides consistency with other non-mobile workplaces. 

All vehicles need to prominently display the international 'no smoking' symbol of a graphic burning cigarette, enclosed in a red circle with a red bar across it, at least 70mm in diameter.


The regulations detail that the following persons have a legal duty corresponding to that in section 8(1) of the Health Act 2006 to cause any person who is smoking in a smokefree vehicle to stop smoking:


a. the driver,
b. any person with management responsibilities for the vehicle, and
c. any person in a vehicle who is responsible for order or safety on it.