Borough Council of Wellingborough

Smokefree England

Access to Exemptions

These are premises that can access an exemption from the legislation for parts of their premises provided they meet the specified requirements. Please note that there is no obligation for persons in control of these premises to allow smoking within:

  • Private accommodation.
  • Accommodation for guests (hotels).
  • Other residential accommodation (care homes, hospices and prisons for adults).
  • Actors.
  • Specialist tobacconists.
  • Research and testing facilities.
  • Offshore installations.
  • A temporary exemption can be accessed by "mental health units" until 1st July 2008. A "mental health unit is defined as any establishment (or part of an establishment) maintained wholly or mainly for the reception and treatment of persons suffering from any form of mental disorder as defined in section 1(2) of the Mental Health Act 1983(5).