Borough Council of Wellingborough

Smokefree England

Examples of Smokefree Premises

Premises which fall within the scope of the legislation, having been classed as 'smoke free premises', are:
  • Restaurants.
  • Bars and public houses.
  • Shops and shopping centres.
  • Hotels (except designated bedrooms).
  • Libraries, archives, museums and galleries.
  • Cinemas, concert halls, theatres, bingo halls, gaming and amusement arcades,casinos, dance halls, discotheques and other premises used for the entertainment of members of the public.
  • Premises used as a broadcasting studio or film studio or for the recording of a performance with a view to its use in a programmed service or in a film intended for public exhibition.
  •  Halls and any other premises used for the assembly of members of the public for social or recreational purposes.
  • Conference centres public halls and exhibition halls.
  • Public toilets.
  • Club premises - night, sports, golf, Working Men's.
  • Offices, factories and other premises that are non-domestic premises in which one or more persons work.
  • Offshore installations (except designated smoking room).
  • Educational institution premises.
  • Premises providing care home services, sheltered housing or secure accommodation services and premises that are non-domestic premises which provide offender accommodation services.
  • Hospitals, hospices, psychiatric hospitals, psychiatric units and health care premises.
  • Crèches, day nurseries, day centres and other premises used for the day care of children or adults.
  • Premises used for, or in connection with, public worship or religious instruction, or the social or recreational activities of a religious body.
  • Sports centres.
  • Airport passenger terminals and any other public transportation facilities.
  • Public transportation vehicles.
  • Vehicles which one or more persons use for work.
  • Public telephone kiosks.
  • Bus shelters when 'substantially' enclosed.
  • Doorways when substantially enclosed.
  • Any part of a private dwelling that is shared with other premises, including other private dwellings i.e. communal lifts, communal corridors and indoor stairwells, shared kitchens, or laundries in dormitory-style accommodation or common entrance foyers to apartment blocks.
  • Any part of a private dwelling if used solely as a place of work by more than one person not living in the dwelling, a person not living in the dwelling and a person, whether they live or not at the dwelling who in the course of their work invites persons who do not live or work in the dwelling to attend that part used solely for work.