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Borough Council of Wellingborough Strategic Policies

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) says at paragraph 21 that "Plans should make explicit which policies are strategic policies. These should be limited to those necessary to address the strategic priorities of the area (and any relevant cross-boundary issues), to provide a clear starting point for any non-strategic policies that are needed. Strategic policies should not extend to detailed matters that are more appropriately dealth with through neighbourhood plans or other non-strategic policies."

Strategic policies set out an overall strategy for the pattern, scale and quality of development, and make sufficient provision for:

  1. Housing, employment, retail, leisure and other commercial development;
  2. Infrastructure for transport, telecommunications, security, waste management, water supply, wastewater, and flood risk.
  3. Community Facilities such as health, education and cultural infrastructure
  4. Conservation and Enhancement of the natural, built and historic environment including landscapes and green infrastructure and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

In assessing whether a policy is strategic para 076 of the NPPG sets out the following considerations;

  1. Whether the policy sets out an overarching direction or objective
  2. Whether the policy seeks to shape the broad characteristics of development
  3. The scale at which the policy is intended to operate
  4. Whether the policy sets a framework for decisions on how competing priorities should be balanced
  5. Whether the policy sets a standard or other requirement that is essential to achieving the wider vision and aspirations of the Local Plan
  6. In the case of site allocations, whether bringing the site forward is central to achieving the vision and aspirations of the Local Plan
  7. Whether the Local Plan identifies the policy as being strategic

Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood Plans will need to be in general conformity with the strategic policies as identified on this page. This allows neighbourhood plans to differ to some extent from strategic local policies yet still meet the basic conditions.

Current Development Plan

The current development plan for the borough comprises:

Strategic Policies


All policies in the JCS- The plan sets the strategic vision for the area including the spatial strategy, it sets out the overall strategy for the pattern, scale and quality of development across the whole of North Northamptonshire. It sets out the requirements for housing, employment, retail and leisure as well as infrastructure, community facilities and conservation and enhancement of the environment.


A detailed assessment of all the policies in the PBW was undertaken to determine which policies are to be considered strategic. To see the results of this assessment and the justifications for the conclusions reached on each policy see here.

Following this assessment the following policies in the PBW have been determined as being strategic.

  • Policy SS1 (Villages)
  • Policy GI1 (Local Green Infrastructure Corridors)
  • Policy GI4 (Enhancement and Provision of Open Space)
  • Policy GI5 (Enhancement and Provision of Sport and Recreation Facilities)
  • Policy E3 (Employment Outside Established Employment Estates)
  • Policy H1 (Urban Housing Allocations)
  • Policy H3 (Housing Needs for Older People)
  • Policy H4 (Retirement Housing, Supported Housing and Care Homes)
  • Policy H5 (Self Build and Custom Housebuilding)
  • Policy H6 (Single Plot Exception Sites for Self Build)
  • Policy R1 (Retail Heirarchy)
  • Policy R2 (Neighbourhood Shops)
  • Policy R3 (Local Impact Threshold)
  • Policy TC1 (Town Centre Boundary)
  • Policty TC2 (Primary Shopping Area)
  • Policy Site 1 (Wellingborough East)
  • Policy Site 2 (Wellingborough North)
  • Policy Site 5 (Park Farm Way/Shelley Road)
  • Policy Site 9 (Sywell Aerodrome)