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Plan for the Borough of Wellingborough Adopted

Plan for the Borough of Wellingborough- Adopted

The Borough Council of Wellingborough adopted the Plan for the Borough of Wellingborough on the 26 February 2019.

The Plan for the Borough of Wellingborough (PBW) is now formally part of the Development Plan forming Part 2 of the Local Plan for the borough following the previous adoption of the Part 1 North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy in 2016.

This part 2 plan fully supersedes the Wellingborough Local Plan (1999 [2004]) and the Wellingborough Town Centre Area Action Plan (2009). Both of these documents no longer form part of the Development Plan for Wellingborough. The full list of policies replaced by the PBW is included at Appendix C.

The Adopted Plan for the Borough of Wellingborough can be viewed and downloaded from here.

Following the plans adoption the list of extant policies in the borough has been updated and can be viewed here. This lists all policies that could be taken into account when determining planning applications in Wellingborough. 

It is also available to view in hard copy at the locations specified in the following PBW Adoption Statement which can be found here.

A Sustainability Appraisal Adoption Report has also been prepared to accompany the adopted plan. This can be viewed here.

The PBW is the first part 2 local plan to be adopted in Northamptonshire and from now on will be given full weight in the determination of planning applications in the borough.

For full details of the previous stages of consultation undertaken during the preperation of this plan, see here

To view all the documents that have informed and underpinned the preperation of the plan, see here.

To see full details regarding the examination of the plan including details of the public examination hearings, see here.