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Plan for the Borough of Wellingborough- Consultation on Proposed Main Modifications

Plan for the Borough of Wellingborough: Consultation on Proposed Main Modifications (July 2018)

The council has published Proposed Main Modifications to the submitted Plan for a six week consultation period from Tuesday 10th July to Tuesday 21st August 2018.

These proposed changes to the plan are set out in a Schedule of Proposed Main Modifications which also includes the reasons behind each proposed change.

A Sustainability Appraisal (SA) addendum and a Habitats Regulation Assessment update have been prepared to accompany the proposed Main Modifications. A seperate Schedule of Minor Modifications and Schedule of Proposed Changes to the Policies Map have also been published alongside the Schedule of Proposed Main Modifications.

Proposed Main Modifications

The Plan for the Borough of Wellingborough (PBW) was submitted to the Secretary of State for Examination on the 30 January 2018.

Public hearings took place between Tuesday 10 April and Wednesday 25 April. Information regarding the PBW Examination can be found here.

The Government appointed Mr Mike Fox BA (Hons) DipTP MRTPI to oversee the Examination process. A number of Main Modifications have been proposed to the submitted plan arising from the hearing sessions or representations already recieved

The Inspector has confirmed that he agrees that the Schedule of Proposed Main Modifications is satisfactory to be consulted upon.

How to comment on the Proposed Main Modifications

At this stage of the Local Plan process comments to the consultation should only relate to the Proposed Main Modifications and whether these changes are sound in relation to the tests of soundness set out in national policy and outlined below.

Comments should relate to whether the Proposed Main Modifications are:

A. Positively Prepared

B. Justified

C. Effective

D. Consistent with National Policy

For further information on the Tests of Soundness please refer to the Guidance Note on making representations to this consultation. We would recommend reading this document prior to submitting your consultation response.

To submit your consultation response there is an online portal set up which enables the submission of comments online, there is also a downloadable Representation Form which should be filled in and emailed to policyandregeneration@wellingborough.gov.uk. For full details of how to respond to this consultation please see the Guidance Note referred to above.

The consultation will run for 6 weeks from Tuesday 10th July until Tuesday 21st August 2018.

Representations should be recieved by the council no later than 5pm on Tuesday 21st August 2018. Responses should be made using the online consultation portal or the Representation form. Responses should set out if and why, if and why, in relation to the tests of soundness, there are any further changes required to the Proposed Main Modifications.

Representations at this stage of the Local Plan process should relate only to the Proposed Main Modifications. Any Representations relating to parts of the PBW not affected by a Proposed Modification will not be accepted.

Comments on the Schedule of Main Modifications will be considered by the Inspector before writing his final report.

Published alongside the Main Modifications are a Schedule of Minor Modifications and a Schedule of Modifications to the Policies Map. Any comments on these will be considered by the council as they are not considered by the Inspector to relate to issues of soundness.

For further infromation please contact the council on 01933 231926 or 01933 231520. The Statement of Representations Procedure provides further information, including where to view hard copies of the documents.