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Conservation Area Appraisals

The aim of a Conservation Area Appraisal (CAA) is to preserve and enhance the character and appearance of the designated area - and to provide a basis for making sustainable decisions about its future through the development management process.

Ideally, an appraisal should be prepared prior to designation, but for many existing conservation areas this will not have been done. Undertaking (or commissioning) an appraisal therefore offers an opportunity to re-assess the designated area and to evaluate and record its special interest.

A CAA evaluates the architectural and historic fabric of an area and identifies 'Buildings of Townscape Merit'. It will incorporate a Management Plan setting out a scheme for the improvement of the area (for example, traffic management, environmental improvements, imposition of Article 4 Directions, Area of Special Control of Advertising) and may include proposals to expand an existing conservation area as appropriate.


Current Conservation Area Appraisals: