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International Waendel Walk 2021

A Brief History of the Waendel Walk Event

The International Wændel Walk was started in 1979 it was a one-day event offering two walks, 43km and 29km. 479 people signed up to walk and 355 of those tried the 43km walk.

As Waendel was a Saxon Warlord – Waendel’s Burgh – Stronghold of Waendel’s people – the Waendel Walk awards and medals are based on Saxon symbols. 

1980 Walking for Awards were becoming popular and the walk committee approached Internationaler Volkssport Verband (I.V.V.) to obtain IVV recognition.

1984 saw the introduction of the first swimming event 

1986 the Friday Night Friendship Walk was introduced. 

1991 was the first year as an IML walk. 18 Different countries were represented with 252 entries being IML walkers. 

1993 was the year United Kingdom was invited to attend the International Two-Day Walks in Blankenberge , Belgium . The weekend for the Wændel Walk was changed to enable International walkers the opportunity of walking three IML events in three consecutive weekends. Switzerland , Belgium , then Wellingborough , UK . 

1994 The Saxon Helmet logo was replaced by the modern ‘Boot Print’ depicting the 5 wells of Wellingborough. 

1996 was an important year as the IML AGM was held in Wellingborough. Delegates from the 21 member countries visited Wellingborough.

2011 The Waendel Working Party decided to offer all participants the option of registering online with the Castle theatre to streamline the registration process.

2015 marked Wellingborough's 25th Anniversary of being a member of the IML Association

2016 saw two new voluntary organisations joining forces with the Waendel Walk Working Party. Northants RAYNET and Northants Search and Rescue provided a new dimension to our event communications.

2019  marked the 40th Anniversary of the Waendel Walk in Wellingborough, with approximately 6500 walkers taking part over the weekend.

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