Borough Council of Wellingborough

Role of the elected councillor

The elected councillors oversee the functions of the authority through their membership of various committees.  Each committee has specific areas of responsibility. 

Councillors receive allowances in respect of their duties, with the levels set by an independent panel.  The Local Authorities (Members'  Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003 require that payments made to councillors under the council's Scheme for Basic, Special Responsibility (S.R.) allowances and Travelling and Subsistence expenses is published.

Download details of members' allowances

The role of an elected councillor is:

  • to represent the interests of all residents in their ward;
  • to offer advice and assistance on council services;
  • to develop and set council policy, to be implemented by officers, monitor how these policies are being implemented and provide guidance to the officers on how those policies are to be implemented;
  • Consult with the communities they represent on the development of policy, community planning and other local initiatives;
  • Consult with the monitoring officer and chief financial officer about vires, maladministration, financial impropriety and probity or where they have any doubt as to whether the particular decisisons were, or are likely to be contrary to the policy framework, ot contrary to, or not wholly in accordance with the budget.

Councillors vote on matters relating to the whole of the borough as well as their own ward.

Membership of Committees

Download the allocation of councillors to committees

Appointments to outside organisations

Download the appointments to outside organisations