Virtual Audit Committee Meeting Tuesday 2 March 2021

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Council and committee meetings

Decision making process

Wellingborough has 34 councillors who were elected on 7 May 2015. 

Elected councillors are responsible for agreeing policies about provision of services and how the council's money is spent. Regular council and committee meetings are held to help with the decision-making process.

You can view the calendar of council and committee meetings.

Scheduled meetings are occasionally cancelled or extraordinary meetings called. 

The agenda and reports for each meeting are published around a week ahead of the meeting.

The minutes from a committee meeting appear shortly after the meeting and are included on the agenda for the full council meeting that follows the committee in the timetable. Committee recommendations have to be approved by council.

The minutes of meetings are confirmed by the relevant committee at its next meeting.

Where are committee meetings held? 

All the main committee meetings are held at Swanspool House, Wellingborough and normally start at 7pm or as detailed on the agenda. The majority of meetings are open to the public.

Planning Committee meetings are held 4-weekly and take place on a Wednesday.

Can I speak at a committee meeting?

The council operates a scheme that permits members of the public to address its committees. The public speaking rules for Planning Committee are slightly different to the policy committees.  

Exempt information/reports

Normally, all reports to committees are available on this website, in the local library and at Swanspool House reception. The public may attend committee meetings.

Some reports to committees are withheld from publication either because they contain exempt information and/or the discussion of them at the meeting is considered likely to cause exempt information to be disclosed.  The public will be excluded from the part of the meeting that considers this business.

Exempt information typically refers to details about individuals, financial information of third parties, enforcement action, contracts under negotiation and other legal proceedings. 

The council has a constitution that details how the council is set up, a code of conduct and rules that apply to its meetings. You can download the constitution here.

Meet the Mayor

The Worshipful the Mayor is elected each year as the council's civic head and acts as chairman of the full council meeting.  Visit the Mayor's page.