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Swansgate Multi-Storey Car Park Refurbishment

The transformation that has taken place at the Swansgate MSCP is nothing short of remarkable, particularly given that the project has been delivered to such a high standard and all during a global pandemic without any significant delays.

“The car park has a new lease of life, and with the enhancements made we’re providing an environment that is now much safer and considerably more user-friendly to all visitors using this important facility at the heart of Wellingborough and serving the Swansgate Shopping Centre.

“The project team is to be commended on delivering this prestigious project in extremely challenging circumstances.

“I am extremely proud that this project, funded wholly from capital reserves, has been completed before our council ceases to exist on 1st April 2021.

“The before and after photographs are testament to the staggering improvements made and the multi-storey car park will be a tremendous asset both for the new North Northamptonshire authority as well as for our residents and town centre businesses.”