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Change of circumstances notification for recipients of Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support

What You Need To Tell Us

If you receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit you must tell us straight away about any changes in circumstances for you, your partner, any dependant children or any non-dependant who lives with you.
Change of circumstances forms

Changes you must tell us about include:

  • if you or your partner stop or start getting Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance or any other state benefits.
  • if you or your partner's state benefits or any other income increase or decrease
  • if your or your partner's wages increase or decrease
  • if your or your partner's savings or investments increase or decrease
  • if the number of people living with you alters
  • if any of your children leave school
  • if you move
  • if you have a child
  • if your rent changes

This is not a full list and you should tell us about any other changes that you think may affect your entitlement.

If in doubt - let us know.

You must notify us within one calendar month of a change of circumstance otherwise you might lose out on benefit.

Please tell us about any changes in circumstances - even if you have already told staff working in other offices such as the Department for Work and Pensions, Job Centre Plus or other Council Services.

Remember, even if you are on a low income, you will have to pay back any money incorrectly paid. Forgetfulness and innocent oversights are no excuse. You will be breaking the law if you don't tell us about changes and corrections. We could treat this as fraud and that could lead to you being prosecuted.