Virtual Audit Committee Meeting Tuesday 2 March 2021

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Online forms: Consultation on the precept and services for Wellingborough Town Council

On 22 December 2020, the finance and governance committee of the Shadow Wellingborough Town Council met to propose and recommend a precept for discussion at the Shadow Town Council meeting on 20 January. 

The precept amount that has been recommended is £180,235, which would equate to a council tax charge of £11.72 per Band D property.

Following this meeting we are running a consultation on this precept to ensure that residents in Wellingborough are able to have their say. The consultation is open until 5pm on Wednesday 20 January 2021. You can view the report that went to the finance and governance committee and a recording of that meeting on YouTube by following the links below.

Finance and Governance Committee Papers

Recording of meeting

Responses to this survey are completely anonymous. You are being asked to submit any comments you may have about the precept before it is put before the Shadow Town Council meeting on 20 January 2021.

You will also be asked to consider the services (things the council could do), spaces (areas within the town) and specific buildings that have been suggested as potential options for transferring to the town council to deliver or take responsibility for. 

Please bear in mind that the town council will not be able to deliver some statutory services currently undertaken by Borough Council of Wellingborough, including housing, planning services (although it will be a consultee on some planning applications), elections, revenue and benefits, environmental health and environmental protection services.