Borough Council of Wellingborough

SWEP has been activated

Please be advised that SWEP has been activated. Contact the Council on 01933 229777 option 4 or come into the Tithe Barn Office. Risk assessments must be completed before 3pm.

Online forms: Anti Social Behaviour Form

Nuisance and anti-social behaviour disrupts the lives of many people within our communities, bringing distress and fear.  

There are many different definitions of anti social behaviour. The key determinant in deciding whether particular behaviour is anti-social or not should be the impact of the behaviour on others. Anti social behaviour may or may not constitute criminal activity. 

If you have been the victim of anti-social behaviour and wish to report it to the Borough Council of Wellingborough, please complete the following form.  

Please Note: The information that you provide may be shared with other organisations, such as the Police, if necessary.