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Frequently asked questions

What are the legal requirements for producing a food product at home to sell at farmers markets, local cafes etc?

Any person producing food which is to be either sold directly to the public or through another business such as a market or cafe will need to be registered with the Local Authority Environmental Health Department. Registration is free of charge and applies equally to a business being run from home as it does to a commercial business. A registration form can be obtained either from this website or from the Environmental Health Section of your local council.

The business will need to be run in accordance with Food Safety Legislation and the officers who undertake food safety inspections will be able to provide specific advice on how the legislation applies to your business, so any person intending on setting up a food business is strongly advised to contact the Environmental Health section before starting, to get some advice.

Legislation contains requirements on the structure of the kitchen, on the way in which food is handled and stored, on training requirements for food handlers and over documented management systems. Guidance on these requirements can be obtained from leaflets held by the Environmental Health Section and from officers working in the Section.