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Local Plan Engagement Stages

Emerging Draft Plan

The council has reached a milestone in reviewing its local plan for the borough; an Emerging Draft Plan has been prepared and is now being consulted on. Hard copies of the emerging draft are available for viewing at local libraries and in Swanspool House Reception.

The emerging draft covers a broad range of local policies that will guide decisions on planning applications and development in the borough up to 2031.

A previous consultation in early 2015 asked for your views on the issues and options that the borough may face up to 2031. The emerging draft proposes a set of policies to address the issues, taking account of the comments you raised.

The emerging draft plans for a compact retail offer and diverse town centre; provision of enough homes to meet your needs; protection and provision of open space, sports and recreation; and protection of existing employment areas.

A leaflet summarising the topics covered by the emerging draft is available for download.

The plan is important to the success of Wellingborough, before it gets finalised we would like to hear your views on the draft content and policies. Your views will help shape the final document that will be submitted to the government in 2017.

Supporting Information

Several Background Papers, available as paper copies at local libraries and in Swanspool House Reception, have been produced to support the Emerging Draft Plan.

Studies commissioned by the council have also been used as part of the evidence base.

The council have considered a range of housing and open space sites as part of the plan making process, if you have a site you would like the council to consider please fill out the appropriate site checklist and return to policyandregeneration@wellingborough.gov.uk.

Consultation Period

The Emerging Draft Plan consultation period ran for a period of six weeks between:

  • 9.00am on 15 April 2016 to 5.00pm on the 27 May 2016
The comments recieved during the consultation period have been reviewed and responses are available here. These have been used to inform the Publication Plan.

Keep Updated

The future of the borough is important for everyone who lives, works or visits and now is a great opportunity to get involved and have your say.

Follow the council on Twitter @BCWboro for regular updates on the plan and on related events.

If you would like to be added to our database, and to be kept up-to-date with future stages in the plan process, email us at policyandregeneration@wellingborough.gov.uk, use the words ‘Planning Policy Database’ in the subject line.