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Document downloads - Local development framework

The following document downloads are available for download. Downloads in PDF format can be read using Adobe Reader.

MS Word and Powerpoint files can be read by using their respective applications or any alternatives.

Available downloads

Supplementary planning guidance - parking

Housing/Employment/Environment workshop event

A Guide to the Pre-Hearing and Examination Process

DPD Submission – June 2008

Sustainable Design SPD

Sustainable Design Supplementary Planning Document

Earls Barton Conservation Area Appraisal

Easton Maudit Conservation Area Appraisal

Hardwick Conservation Area Appraisal

Orlingbury Conservation Area Appraisal

Site Specific Proposal - Sustainability Appraisal

Habitat Regulations Assessment - SSPDPD

Environmentally Important Open Spaces

Summary of Issues - Site Specific 2006

Town Centre Area Action Plan - Baseline Study