Borough Council of Wellingborough

Virtual Development Committee Monday 18 January 2021

The meeting will take place virtually from 7pm. Members of the public will be able to view the meeting live from 7pm using Microsoft Teams.

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Data Quality Annual Review Plan

Membership of Committees

Lead Advisers

Appointments to outside organisations

Submission of Petition Form

Speaking at Meetings

Calendar of meetings

Members' allowances

Data Quality Strategy

Performance Framework

Code of conduct

Customer Charter

Biography of the Mayor of the Borough of Wellingborough

Standards Information

The Castle Interim Plan

Councillor John Bailey MBE

The Castle theatre July update

Cllr John Bailey MBE

Petitions received 2017-18

Northamptonshire Local Government Reform

Community Governance Review 2018

Statement of Accounts 2017/18 Public Inspection Notice

Future Northants Process FAQs

Irchester Neighbourhood Plan - Notice of Referendum


Unitary Equalities Impact Assessment

Local Government Reform expected timeline

Letter to Secretary of State 31 August 2018

Northamptonshire Local Government Reform proposal

PwC report on Northamptonshire Local Government Reform

ORS report on Northamptonshire Local Government Reform

Prospectus for change - Northamptonshire

Letter from Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government - 18 September 2019

Petitions received 2019-20

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