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Out of hours emergencies

The council operates an emergency out of hours service to provide response to serious incidents which must be dealt with before the next working day. Examples might include:

  • death in the work place
  • food poisoning outbreaks
  • major pollution incidents (including noise events)
  • homelessness
  • dangerous structures

You can contact us out of office hours on 01933 229 777.

You will reach a call centre service initially, who will deal with your call if they can. If not, you will be provided with relevant contact details or receive a call back. Depending on the incident, an officer on duty may be able to authorise remedial action. In some cases, however, it may not be possible to do anything until the next working day.

For non-emergencies please contact the council during normal working hours or use our website to report incidents, apply for services or make a payment.