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Northamptonshire Sport Club Directory

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The Northamptonshire Sport Club Directory provides information on sports clubs within the county and the opportunities they offer. Click on the link below to be re-directed to the Northamptonshire Sport website. Here you will be able to browse all the clubs in Northamptonshire, categorised into area, sports, age, gender and Clubmark accreditation recognition.

Clubmark Accreditation

Clubmark Accreditation is a recognition of the values and commitment made by local sports clubs to ensure best practise. The Clubmark certification is awarded to clubs who can demonstrate an application of high quality practise within their organisation in the four key sections;

  • The playing programme
  • Duty of care and safeguarding and protecting children and young people
  • Knowing your club and its community
  • Club management

The playing programme is a combination of coaching, training and competition ensuring your child can reach their goals within the club. The playing programme will assist the development of your child within their chosen sport to maximise their potential.

Duty of care and safeguarding and protecting children and young people is a paramount and current responsibility to all sports clubs and coaches. The club mark accreditation award will ensure coaches within a club have attended relevant training, are aware of the importance of child protection and have been CRB checked prior to coaching children, young people and adults.

Knowing your club and community promotes the improvement and endorsements of policies, practices and ethos to encourage all members to adopt an inclusive, child-friendly approach to sport. Clubs will have code of conducts in place to certify coaches, parents, carers and players all abide by minimum operation standards to ensure the club is fair and inclusive.

Club management is essential to the operation of any good club. Therefore, it is essential clubs are given the right support for the volunteers, coaches, managers, welfare officer and administrative support within the club. 

The Clubmark scheme is a nationally recognised scheme to empower parents/carers when choosing a club for their children to ensure the club is following best practise. For this reason, when looking for a local club, we highly recommend you look out for the Clubmark logo or National Governing Body equivalent.