Borough Council of Wellingborough

Commercial Property

Commercial land and property within Wellingborough is competitively priced compared to most surrounding local authority areas, creating a cost effective base from which to operate.

Wellingborough has a mixture of commercial property and an active development market, within which a wide variety of opportunities are available for companies looking to relocate or expand within the Borough.

The council owns a substantial commercial land and property portfolio and employs Underwoods LLP to manage the marketing and sale of it. Underwoods LLP can provide details of currently available Council-owned property. If you cannot find premises to suit your particular requirement, please contact Kirsty Ward on 01933 231705 or

If however you need to discuss specific issues, please contact Paul Burnett on 01933 231586 or at or Kirsty Ward on 01933 231705 or

The council also operates a market and more information is available at