Borough Council of Wellingborough

Eco measures installed in affordable homes

Published Friday, 14 January 2011

The installation of ground source heat pumps at a new development of affordable housing in Sywell will be marked by a ceremony attended by the Mayor of Wellingborough on 19 January at 12pm.

The ground source heat pumps, one of several eco measures being used in the development, will provide the houses with heat and hot water.

Wellingborough Council has invested £90,000 in the eco measures used in the development to take the houses to a Code for Sustainable Homes level 4, which is above current government requirements. As well as the ground source heat pumps, the homes will feature high levels of insulation, water butts to catch rain water, and landscaped gardens to attract wildlife. Careful consideration has been given to all the materials used in the building of the homes, which means that for the most part everything from roof tiles to bricks, windows and doors has come from sustainable sources.

The development of nine affordable homes - seven socially rented and two for shared ownership - are based on the village's housing needs, and will be prioritised for people with a local connection.

The Mayor, Councillor Lora Lawman, said: "I am delighted that we are once again providing these eco measures in our affordable housing. I was recently at the completion of a similar development in Little Harrowden and the heat from the ground source heat pumps there was very impressive - the houses felt incredibly cosy and warm even though it was freezing outside. I'm excited to get the chance to see the pumps - which I am told are bored some 80 metres into the ground - before the building work continues. I'm already looking forward to the completion of yet another excellent development of affordable homes, and I'm very proud that we can give local people the opportunity to live in a village they have a connection to."

The development of affordable homes is at Stonelea Road , Sywell. The project is being developed by East Midlands Housing Association and Whiterock Homes for the Northants Rural Housing Association (NRHA). The total cost of the scheme is £1,194,000, of which £91,000 has come from Wellingborough Council, £713,000 from NRHA, and £391,000 from the government.

The ceremony to mark the installation of the ground source heat pumps will take place at the development on Wednesday 19 January at 12pm.