Borough Council of Wellingborough

Mayor of Wellingborough joins night patrols with Wellingborough Police Specials

Published Wednesday, 04 March 2020

On Saturday, 22 February, the Mayor of Wellingborough, Cllr Jo Beirne, joined officers for a patrol of Wellingborough to find out more about the work they do to keep residents safe.

Wellingborough Police Specials, which form part of Northamptonshire Police, carry out regular patrols of parts of the borough where there are high-levels of reported anti-social behaviour and public nuisance.

The Mayor of Wellingborough, Cllr Jo Beirne, was part of the Specials in Wellingborough in the 1990s and spent many hours policing special events, working with other specials and regular offices on their day and night shifts. She experienced a variety of different incidents.

As part of a recent visit to the Wellingborough Sea Cadet’s she began speaking with Philip J Warr, Specials & Volunteers Coordinator at Northamptonshire Police, and wanted to find out more about the great work which the Wellingborough Specials team carry out today in 2020.

Cllr Jo Beirne, Mayor of Wellingborough, said: "It was wonderful to meet the Wellingborough Specials and to see them in action and volunteering in our local community.

They work hard and offer valuable support to our regular officers and safety to our residents in the Borough."

PS Scott Desrochers, Wellingborough Town and Rural Neighbourhood Team added: "This was a fantastic opportunity for the Wellingborough Neighbourhood Policing team to showcase the great working relationship we have with our colleagues from the Special Constabulary.

"It was also an opportunity to both discuss and show the Mayor some of the work we have ongoing in Wellingborough.

"In typical fashion, our evening didn’t quite go as I had first planned, with a spontaneous incident leading to an arrest and subsequent investigative enquiries. However, this was actually a good thing because it allowed the team to show exactly what we’re capable of when we work together.

"I would like to thank the Mayor for taking the time to come out on patrol with us and I hope the experience was both insightful and enjoyable."