Borough Council of Wellingborough

Wellingborough Council takes action to address town's fly-tipping hot spots

Published Thursday, 08 August 2019

A campaign has been launched by Wellingborough Council and its partners, Wellingborough Norse, to clean up the town’s worst areas for fly-tipping and litter.

Colleagues from Wellingborough Norse have been working with community groups to help improve the Victoria Ward area and clear up the vast amounts of litter and rubbish which have been discarded on the streets, and in car parks and alleyways.

They are now carrying out a campaign throughout July and August to remove and investigate fly-tipping and speak to residents about the negative impacts littering and fly-tipping has on the environment. Officers will be taken a zero-tolerance stance on anyone found to be committing offences, and will investigate fly-tipping with the view to prosecute.

Cllr Tim Allebone, Chair of the Service Committee, said: “We have been working with our partners, Wellingborough Norse and a number of fantastic community groups to carry out cleans up of the Victoria Ward area to ensure that this is place for residents and passers-by to enjoy and be proud of, but there are a select few people which spoil this and ruin the environment for everyone.

“We are now taking action to carry out a six-week campaign to remove and investigate reports of fly-tipping, and speak to people about the negative impact rubbish has on our environment.”

Cllr Brian Emerson, Board Member for Wellingborough Norse Liaison Board, said: “We would like to thank residents who dispose of their litter responsibly. We will continue to tidy up the borough, and hope to make the very small percentage of people who litter aware of the impact this has and how they can help us to keep our streets free of rubbish.”

Stephen Dunkley, Cleansing Manager at Wellingborough Norse, said: “The county-wide S.C.R.A.P fly-tipping campaign aims to crack down on fly-tipping in Northamptonshire, and we will continue on the success of its launch by focusing on the town’s worst areas for fly-tipping and littering by adopting a zero tolerance approach.

“We will continue to work with the brilliant community groups to clear litter off our streets, but we would like to remind all residents that they can support us and do their bit to keep our streets clean.”

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