Borough Council of Wellingborough

Council agrees a cross party climate change working group

Published Friday, 12 July 2019

At the council meeting last night, Tuesday 9 July 2019, councillors agreed to establish a cross party working group which will be tasked with refreshing the climate change strategy of the council.

A motion had been put to the meeting about the climate emergency which was considered by members, and whilst supportive of this proposal, members thought that there was little time in which to make an impact before we moved to unitary council.   An amendment to the motion was proposed and agreed as follows:

“This council notes that parliament has declared a climate emergency.

“Although this council has limited time, powers and resources, we nevertheless commit to playing our proper part in delivering on the national commitments as far as we can, within the constraints under which we must operate.

“We will consider the climate impact of our activities especially through the process of transition to unitary and support appropriate council projects that effectively reduce carbon emissions or improve air quality.  In addition we will establish a cross party working group to refresh our climate change strategy.”

The date and membership of the first working group will be arranged in due course.

Leader of the Borough Council of Wellingborough, Cllr Martin Griffiths, says:

 “We are committed to working together to limit the impact of climate change in our borough.   This working group will take a look at our current climate change strategy and recommend any updates to it.”