Borough Council of Wellingborough

Council provides guidance on recycling

Published Thursday, 20 September 2018

Residents across the borough are being urged to think about what they’re putting in their recycling bins as part of Waste & Resources Action Programme’s (WRAP) recycling week.

WRAP is a charitable organisation, and organises the annual campaign, which will take place from 24 – 30 September, to encourage people to recycle more and provide them with the information they need to be responsible when disposing of their rubbish.

The Borough Council of Wellingborough in partnership with Wellingborough Norse aims to improve the quality of recycling in Wellingborough and is encouraging residents to put the right materials in their green bins.

Councillor Tim Allebone, Chairman of the council’s Services Committee and of Northamptonshire Waste Partnership, said: “Contaminated recycling has a financial impact and we want to provide a high quality value-for-money service for residents. I would encourage everyone to be responsible when disposing of their rubbish.”

The following items should be placed in your green bins:

• Paper & cardboard: newspaper, magazines, shredded paper; envelopes; junk mail; directories; catalogues; cereal boxes; cardboard packaging; juice & milk cartons.

• Plastic: plastic bottles (including drink, shampoo & detergent); yoghurt pots; margarine tubs; plastic ice-cream tubs; plastic food trays; carrier bags.

• Cans & tins: aluminium & steel drink cans; food tins; metal lids from jars; empty aerosol cans; aluminium foil.

• Glass: bottles & jars (any colour).

All recyclable materials should be clean and not contain any food or liquid waste.

The following items cannot be accepted in green bins:

Food waste; clothing & shoes; polystyrene; cling film; crisp packets; chocolate wrappers; electrical items; gas canisters or fire extinguishers; Pyrex; sheet glass; nappies; sanitary products; cotton buds; DIY materials; paint; flower pots.

Bins that are found to contain the wrong materials will be left unemptied, and residents asked to remove the contaminated items before their next scheduled collection.

More information about recycling is available here.

If you have an item and are unsure of how to dispose of it, please contact Wellingborough Norse on 01933 234520 or email