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Major clean-up of Wellingborough estate

Published Monday, 05 October 2015

An intensive campaign to clean up a Wellingborough housing estate begins this week.

The town’s Hemmingwell estate has suffered with fly tipping and litter, as well as problems with wheelie bins being left out in the street, and has attracted a number of complaints.

Now a dedicated plan of events is taking place, aiming to inform residents, crack down on anyone committing environmental offences, and work with the community to tidy up the area.

Wellingborough Norse, the partner company that carries out environmental services on behalf of the borough council, has started its action plan this week and will continue over the coming months.

Letters and leaflets will be delivered to every house on the estate, and posters put up in public spaces. A street cleaner will be dedicated to the area, and fortnightly drop in sessions will take place for people to report issues directly to officers. A litter pick with residents and local school children is planned for next month.

Officers will also be taking a zero-tolerance stance on anyone found to be committing offences.

Cllr Jon-Paul Carr, chairman of Wellingborough Council’s services committee, said: “As is often the case, the majority of residents do stick to the rules but those that don’t can ruin the environment for everyone.

“This area of Wellingborough has issues with litter and fly tipping, as well as problems with bins being contaminated and also left out on the street and obstructing the pavements.

“We’ve had complaints and requests for something to be done.”

Dean Granger, from Wellingborough Norse, said: “The idea of this campaign is to work with residents to make sure everyone is aware of their responsibilities. We’ll tidy up, but we also want to change attitudes and make people aware that everyone has a part to play in keeping the estate clean.”

“Of course we do regular street cleaning and sort out fly tipping but this is about addressing specific issues, trying to educate people, having a much more visible presence and showing the residents that we are doing all we can, with the money and enforcement powers we have, to help people have a cleaner place to live.”

Wellingborough Norse officers will be identifying and recording issues throughout the campaign and will use the results to help guide the way they work on the estate in the future. If successful, the scheme could also be rolled out to other areas of the town.