Borough Council of Wellingborough

Annual electoral registration begins in Wellingborough

Published Thursday, 30 July 2015

Households across Wellingborough have been receiving letters this week as part of a yearly process to keep the electoral roll up to date.

The letters, known as household enquiry forms (HEFs), are being delivered to every home in the borough and contain details of everyone in the household who is currently registered to vote.

Residents are being urged to check and return their forms as soon as possible to make sure that they are able to vote in any upcoming elections or referendums.

Samuel Whiteley, electoral services team leader at Wellingborough Council, said: “It is very important that the HEF is returned to us as it’s one of the best ways we have to keep the electoral roll up to date.

“We need people to either confirm that all the details we hold are correct, or make changes such as letting us know if someone’s moved out or in of the property.

“The information we’re requesting is required by law.

“Also, if people aren’t registered, it can affect their applications for credit, including loans, mortgages and mobile phone contracts.

“And of course, if you’re not registered, you can’t vote.

“Returning the HEF to us is the best way for residents to make sure they are on the register. It’s really quick and easy to do.”

The HEFs will be addressed to the occupier and anyone in the household can respond. If the pre-printed details are correct, residents can confirm online, by text, by phone or by post using the pre-paid envelope. If any details on the form need updating, changes can be made online or by post. Full instructions are included on the form.

The HEF isn’t an electoral registration form, but if all the details are confirmed as correct the residents will remain registered. This means the vast majority of people will receive no further forms after returning the HEF.  If anyone is added on the form, they will be sent an invitation to register, which will ask for more details.

Reminders will be sent to households that have not responded to the HEF by 20 August. If residents don’t respond to the reminder by 22 September, canvassers will start visiting properties to collect the information on the doorstep. Not responding or providing false information is against the law and can result in a £1,000 fine.

More information about the electoral roll and registering to vote is available on our elections pages or by calling 01933 231 513.