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News published January 2019

  • Irchester housing needs survey

    Published 15 January 2019

    The Borough Council of Wellingborough, in conjunction with Irchester Parish Council, is undertaking a housing needs survey to identify whether or not the housing needs of local people are being met.

  • Castle theatre enters a new chapter

    Published 08 January 2019

    One of Wellingborough’s most iconic venues is set to enter into an exciting new chapter.

  • Young people in Mears Ashby can now enjoy a new youth club

    Published 08 January 2019

    Young people in Mears Ashby have been given more opportunities to socialise and spend time learning new skills thanks to funding from the Borough Council of Wellingborough (BCW) and Cllr Clive Hallam.

  • Changes to Wellingborough's bus routes

    Published 07 January 2019

    Stagecoach have made changes to bus routes in the county.